7 Signs To Know A Lady Desires More Than Friendship

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7 Signs To Know A Lady Desires More Than Friendship

Post by Anita01 » Wed Dec 05, 2018 12:14 pm

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7 Signs To Know A Lady Desires More Than Friendship

Friendship sometimes need to be well defined especially when a guy has a female friend as it might graduate to stages we never planned if care is not taken.

It is not wrong for a guy to be friends with a lady but it can lead to unexpected chaos if the lady already desires something deeper than friendship.

She loves to be around you always

If you have a lady friend as a guy and you notice that when you both are in a meeting or in the midst of other people, she always prefers to sit next to you or just be around you, it may be that she wants the friendship to go deeper.

She takes interest in what you like

If your female friend as a guy loves what you love and hates what you hate at all times, check, it may be that she wants more than friendship.

She gets Jealous

If your lady friend complains always about you being around or talking to other ladies, it may be a sign that she is trying to keep them off so she can have something more than friendship.

She asks deep questions about you and your family

A lady friend who wants to know everything about you, your parents, your siblings and your entire family might have interest in taking your friendship further into a relationship and maybe marriage.

She loves your Mom even without meeting her

Ladies know that one of the ways to hook a guy is by taking interest in his mother. So, if that female friend is always asking after your mom or even expecting to meet her soon, watch, she wants more than friendship.

She does silly things just to please you

If your lady friend can do just anything no matter how silly, like always wanting to wash your clothes, feed you, borrow money just to meet your needs and so on, to please you, it’s sign of a desire for more.

She wants to be involved in everything about you

If your female friend wants you to always inform her first about anything and everything about you, it’s also one sign you should take note of that she wants something deeper than mere friendship.

It is important for you to find out and ask questions if that lady friend wants more than friendship earlier so as to avoid breaking her heart ignorantly as ladies are good at imagining relationships when the reality is mere friendship.

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