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Hey boys hey girls_coolsammy

Post by Coolsammy » Thu Mar 23, 2017 11:25 pm

It is the oddity of possessing characteristics both physically and psyche related attached to the predominant stereotype of being feminine and masculine that has edged me unto this topic. I therefore believe that human beings are creatures born to be as they are. But this free will has been tampered with by large account of various factors influenced by culture, religion, familial ethos-of-conduct etcetera.

I recently cultivated the in-the-moment habit of calling my readership and friends alike the autonomous term “Babes”. A term a few males have questioned whether my motive was a direct exclusion of the male population who indulged my content. Now this would lead me to question the very premise where by using the term “Guys” I do not get asked this question. But rather it is automatically assumed to include both genders. Same goes for the term ‘Man’ in various less informal contexts or ‘Mankind’ or how in the majority of literary culture when referring to an ambiguous character, male pronouns are employed.
On a parallel note, I also realized that It is highly normal to have adopted the girls dressing up in stereotypically masculine apparels in most societies of the world but the very thought of men wearing anything remotely associated with stereotypical femininity has extreme negativity or the “Homosexual” label attached to it in most parts of the world also.

Let us stop our egocentric analysis of the world for a moment and analyse the world as a unit. Ancient Yucatan and Egyptian men and women both wore earrings and other jewelleries. Scottish men traditionally wear skirts (kilt). Western and European women and men both wear trousers. African men and women tie wrappers. Jewish women and men both traditionally covered their heads in the same manner; a shawl draped over it and wore extremely similar robes. In close examination, we’ll realise there isn’t any difference between the kaftan and trousers worn by both the men and women in India. I could go on with a vast number of examples but I’m sure you get the gist and If you desire more examples you can ask google. So, it is safe to say that examining the world globally we fail to see the distinction of male and female clothing.

I would like us to observe the gender stereotypes that exist immensely in the world we live in. Where children of both genders are raised differently. I remember growing up and having my mom buy dolls for me and toy guns for my brothers. Now this is not to say this is the kind of toys my mother wanted us to enjoy, but rather the kind of toys she has been informed by society that we ought to enjoy according to our gender. But of course, I found my doll an interesting thing. The ability to dress it, make clothes for it, pretend it was an exotic friend etcetera. But I also wanted to play with a toy gun, and form battle strategies with green miniature soldiers and race cars. Luckily for me I grew up amongst brothers who had no qualms in allowing me play with their toys, not every girl does. Hence, I inherently had choice. Even in clothing I had choice, I had parents who bought me clothes that cut across both gender stereotypes due to my inherent need to climb trees and the mandates of Sunday school, rather than forcing me to be a kind of child I was not.
Perhaps it is why I am to some extent openminded, because I am both “girly” and “boyish”. I wear frilly dresses and tulle skirts and also baggy trouser and dress shirts. So, it has for me always been more on the subject of what I felt like wearing rather than what I was supposed to wear. I love “boyish” clothing because it is awfully comfortable for all activities and I love “girly” clothing because I find it to be more accessorized and varied.
To this day when I carefreely quip into a conversation my knowledge of Nintendo, Family-Con, Sega, PlayStation, when I remotely analyse FIFA against PES I’m treated with attention because well I’m a girl and “girls aren’t supposed to be interested in these kinds of things.” And perhaps If I hadn’t had brothers who allowed me to explore things I was supposedly restricted from, I wouldn’t have known I’d be interested in these kinds of things, and this is what gender stereotypes do to us. From the choice of colour, hobbies, movie and music genre, clothing etcetera my femaleness is judged. It doesn’t matter what my preferences are society expects I be “feminine” and he be “masculine” based on its definition of these words.
But I am who I am, and I make choices based on what I like not what I’m told I am supposed to and it is time people start ignoring gender stereotypes. There are no such things as female jobs, male jobs or at least there shouldn’t be such a thing. Women have been operating heavy machinery in factories for decades so toughness is a personal thing and based on how one was raised. And who says men aren’t good at reception? I’m technically a woman and statistically we populate the earth more than men at the moment so ask me who I’d like welcoming me into an establishment. This insidious conditioning starts right from when a child is born and as potential grown-ups who will raise children, we need to fix it.
Both boys and girls everyday are victims of gender stereotypes. It not only stifles their abilities and freedom to be and express themselves, give rise to depression, self-doubt and psychological trauma, it potentially reduces the productivity of the world.
Of course, with every great change there’s always a long pause of realization and the sluggish attempt to implement it. But the realization is extremely important and I hope you find it.

I shall now herald the newest category of this blog; TELLING STORIES. Its first post shall be coming up on Wednesday and will be continuously so subsequently. It’s a compilation of various works of non-fiction; true life events told yours truly. So, yea whatever… I’ll be here trying to cultivate my people skills, finally realizing why writers retreat into a den and avoid contact with the normal world so they don’t continually forget food on the stove, and wondering if by far Logan has just become my favourite Marvel film?

Thanks for recommending this article to your friends and do leave me a comment on whatever you think down below in the comment box

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