5 Hot Spots To Get a Life Partner….You Are The Next To Wed

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5 Hot Spots To Get a Life Partner….You Are The Next To Wed

Post by Anita01 » Fri Nov 02, 2018 10:30 am

Getting a spouse has become an uphill task for many matured single girls and boys. In fact, many of them are already frustrated in the process.
Are you ready for a serious relationship that will lead to marriage? Then the following hot spots may just put an end to your search:

1. Fellowships: Overtime, campus fellowship has proven to be a major spot to meet potential suitors. If you are an undergraduate at the university, polytechnic or any tertiary institution, get yourself committed to the service of God. As you are busy serving God cheerfully, God will be busy too locating your bone for you. But don’t just join the campus fellowship with the motive of finding a partner. Rather, be engrossed in the things of God.

2. Church: In church lies the opportunity of meeting good and godly singles who are also trusting God for life-partners. This set of people may not take you seriously if you are not well-known to them. That is why you need to get involved, stop attending a church like a stranger. Be a member of a group in the church. The ushering team, the choir team, the Sunday school team, and the prayer team are some of the groups you can be identified with. Being an active member in a group will not only make your identity known, it will also afford you the opportunity of knowing the true identity of your potential suitor because not everyone in the church is a genuine child of God.

3. Office: As you attend to clients daily in your vocation, trade or in your office, you are already talking to potential suitors or a connector to your husband or wife. That is why you need to handle everyone you meet with courtesy and respect. Work on your character and behave well so that you will not demonstrate a negative character that will push your potential suitor away.
4. Public Places: There is a likelihood of meeting the love of your life in places like eatery, supermarket and social media platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp groups, twitter, amongst others. But you will need thorough investigation before you can settle with someone you meet on a platform like this.

5. Neighbourhood: Exhibit good neighbourliness in an environment where you live. Your rating before them will go a long way in your marital journey. The truth is if you are good, they will develop an interest in you or tell someone about you. Likewise, if you have a bad character, they will avoid you and also warn others from getting married to you.

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