Is it healthy to eat frozen fruits and vegetables?

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Is it healthy to eat frozen fruits and vegetables?

Post by Mhizmoet » Tue Oct 10, 2017 2:00 pm

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Those who want to have good health do not give up on fruits, vegetables and vegetables, important for organic regulation. If consumed daily, they help maintain weight, balance intestinal transit, benefit the heart and help prevent disease.

According to an epidemiologist, it was gathered that an individual eating five daily servings of vegetables have a 25% reduction in the risk of dying from any disease compared to those who hardly consume them.

However, in day-to-day running, being an urban resident is difficult to have fresh, organic fruits and vegetables and vegetables. The ideal would be to harvest them in home gardens without pesticides, watered with spring water, without fluoride, without chlorine, etc.

After all, fluoride can even fight cavities, but should not be ingested in water. Already chlorine was the first biochemical weapon used in World War I, the hydrochloric gas that was launched in vapor against the enemy troops causing thousands of deaths and that today we drink in our water!
While there is not much that can be done about water quality, we can still use food to help promote health. Including fruits and vegetables in daily meals still do this for the body.

The solution for those who have little time is to use frozen vegetables. However, many parents ask themselves, Am I really giving the best food to my children? Am I ingesting something that is good for my health? Although there is a population association between frozen and low nutritional value, this generally does not apply to vegetables. Adequate freezing greatly limits the loss of nutrients and a food with preserved biological value can still be consumed. Although not totally.

1. Early Harvest
It is known that mature food is at the peak of its nutritional value, however, transporting mature vegetables usually causes damage to them. So to avoid damage from handling and transport, fruits and vegetables are harvested before they mature and so they do not reach their maximum nutritional level.

2. Cutting and baking methods

The methods of cutting, cooking in water or storing in the refrigerator for a long time are factors that reduce the nutritional value of food. So buy and use as soon as possible as the vegetables begin to deteriorate from 3 days in the refrigerator. If you want to buy for longer, buy frozen or cook and freeze.

Caring for food
You should not eat a single type of vegetable at all meals. The more varied the presence of vegetables on the menu, the better. For example, some foods such as spinach, contain high content of calcium oxalate. If ingested every day can cause kidney stones. Therefore, it is best to ingest in a caster system.

For cooking prefer steam or pressure cooker, because it cooks fast and decreases nutritional loss. Cook with the peel whenever possible. For this the food must be well sanitized.

To freeze vegetables at home
Cut into cubes or slices

Soak in boiling water for two to six minutes

Immediately transfer to a container of ice water (containing ice cubes) for two to six minutes
Drain well, place in a container (preferably glass or plastic free of bisphenols)

Take to the freezer and allow to freeze
After freezing, remove from packaging, put it in its own bags and remove all air.
Go back to the freezer

To freeze fruit

The fruits can be frozen in the form of pulp, juice, puree, in pieces or whole. They do not need to be passed in hot water and generally each fruit has a proprietary process that may involve the addition of ascorbic acid for preservation, such as apple. For a complete guide see this site .

To defrost, take out the freezer and leave it in the refrigerator overnight. Gradual and refrigerated defrosting prevents bacteria from growing during the process.

So for those who do not have access to fresh vegetables, it is better to freeze than to eat.

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