6 Techniques For You To Fight Anxiety

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6 Techniques For You To Fight Anxiety

Post by Anita01 » Tue Jan 08, 2019 2:08 pm

6 Techniques for You to Fight Anxiety
Times have changed, today a routine can be very stressful, often divided between work outside the home, household chores, plus a series of responsibilities that life increasingly demands of us, and with this, we often end up being victims of An evil that we do not always perceive in time, which ends up resulting in more serious diseases and problems, which is anxiety.

Well, but what most people do not know is that there are simple and enjoyable methods to combat restlessness, high tension, over-accelerated thinking and so many other signs of anxiety above normal, do you want to know what they are? Then, pen and paper in the hands, write down the tips:

1. Take a deep breath
Well, there are so much hype in movies, soap operas, even by our parents and grandmothers, but the old technique of deep breathing really can help, since one of the main signs of anxiety is very easy to recognize, which is fast-paced breathing.

That very concentrated in the upper part of the chest, that ends up maintaining shoulders and nape tensioned. Then, to slow down the whole process, try stopping for at least two minutes and practicing the following diaphragmatic breathing: sitting and slowly counting down to 4, take a deep breath through your nose until your abdomen is full of air. Then exhale, also through the nose, completely emptying the lungs and again using the abdominal muscles. Repeat this breathing technique a few times or whenever you are very anxious,

2. Listen to relaxing songs
Listen to relaxing music can combat anxiety. It’s been a while now that scientists says that after many studies that music and its chords have power over our emotions through neuroimaging techniques. According to some recent research, it was also observed that music can grade the activity of brain structures involved with emotions and used to treat psychiatric and neurological disorders.

However, the music should be smooth and relaxing, because it is the one that best fights anxiety. Ok, but you do not like relaxing music and you do not even have it at home? Then try and get some today.

3. Aromatherapy
Aromatherapy is another very good way to fight anxiety. This way helps to combat through essential oils! The beneficial components of the plant send messages of smell to the brain, acting therapeutically. For example, in the anxious crisis, the indicated oil is lavender, the tip is to drip five to ten drops in the water of the electric diffuser or candle.

The oil evaporates along with the water, perfumes the environment and soon you will feel more relaxed. Other oils that help lessen anxiety are marjoram, orange, lemon and frankincense. However, a lot of calm at that time, nothing to leave by applying essential oil directly to the skin, as this can provoke undesirable reactions, nothing to confuse essential oil with essence, which brings well-being, but does not act therapeutically.

4 – Laughing can be the best medicine
Laughing may be the best medicine to fight anxiety. Who does not come out lighter from the movies after watching some comedy? Well, medical studies show that laughing improves heart rate, in addition to lowering anxiety and stress, but this we already knew, but the coolest and that a lot of people still do not know is that the body reacts positively to the Laugh, even if it is not spontaneous.

There is a technique called laughter therapy, and its principle is precisely that, to force laughter, for our body to release endorphins, hormones responsible for well-being. So, you know, include funny phrases, movies, and humorous sites in your routine, and not take yourself so seriously, try to be less critical of yourself, and humor your little mistakes, believe me, in addition to Relieve anxiety, your life will be much more fun!

Well, this are just few options that you can do in order to fight anxiety. Why don’t you drop a comment to enable us help you better.

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