Apartment Finders: 5 things to note when you are looking for your first apartment in Lagos

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Apartment Finders: 5 things to note when you are looking for your first apartment in Lagos

Post by Mhizmoet » Tue Jul 10, 2018 10:41 am

Finding an apartment in Lagos for the first time can be a very serious struggle. You've got to have a clear picture of the kind of house you want or else, you might find yourself living in a flat that is not different from a police barrack.

There are lots of things to consider when you are looking for an apartment in the busiest city in Nigeria, apart from having your money ready.

And before you waste your hard earned money on a horrible apartment, let's help you with some of the things you need to consider before you start apartment hunting.
1. The Neighbourhood

You need to have a location in mind before you ask an agent to start searching on your behalf. Every neighbourhood in Lagos has a reputation that makes it habitable or otherwise.

Some areas are cool and quiet, others can be dirty and noisy, but you won't be forced to live there. All you need do is to check the options before you decide.
2. The facilities

There is nothing as terrible as living in a house without the right facilities. There are houses in Lagos without water and toilet facilities. You need to beware of such houses. If you're looking for a flat apartment, make sure you check all its facilities are working well before you decide to meet the landlord.
3. Ask about the landlord

One of the most common wahala in Lagos is the landlord-tenant issue. Crazy tenants and difficult landlords abound in this city, I am you won't like to meet one. So, to avoid some occasional problems, you'll need to ask about the landlord from his neighbours and how he treats his tenants.

4. The condition of the house

A lot of people don't seem to put this into consideration, but it is very very important you know about the state of a property before you rent it.

If an agent takes you to a property under construction or being renovated, don't ever pay in advance. You'll be assured the renovation will be completed in no time but don't ever fall for it. Many apartment finders have been scammed with properties like this. So, don't ever be too forward to pay.
5. Get your money ready

If you're not financially ready to get an apartment, don't bother to look for one, because no landlord will allow you to move in when you've not completed your rent.

Also, apart from the rent, you must also prepare for other charges like agreement and commission fee, which may cost you N100k or N150k. There's also a damage or caution fee which is said to be refundable after you decide to move out

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